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my name's jamie and this is my photo blog thing
Anonymous: where do you and your friends shop your style is super cool

thank you!

the teeshirts are generally streetwear brands we rly fuck with, and the skirts/tops/basics are shit like h&m, american apparel, uniqlo,  etc. idk its not rly just one store i think we just shop anywhere that looks cool? ik i sometimes find a lot of cool stuff online (o-mighty.com is tite, etsy is cool) 

a lot of my clothes r guy clothes too tbh lol

Anonymous: where r u from


Anonymous: Where are u going to school?

Hunter College in NYC

Anonymous: Do you have a soundcloud? I just need to music to listen to, and you seem like u have good taste.

Yes, I honestly don’t rly know how to use it but:


Anonymous: What kind of camera do you use ?

Instax mini 25, kodak disposable cameras, and a minolta talker 35mm camera

dogs69: you and yr friends seem v cool!!

thank you!

Anonymous: you and your odd future ass tumblr ass phony friends are herbs, please stop while you're ahead